Ensuring Safety using digitized tracking of hygiene and staff health screening

The Audit Flo App can be used for a plethora of inspections, including routine quality analysis and control, standard implementation, safety and health checks, and more. In the context of Covid-19, Digital checklists created via Audit Flo can aid in the control of the new hygiene and health checks and screening procedures.

Tracking Sanitization Practices via Digital Checklists

Companies are determined to set up multiple sanitation and cleaning practises to keep gradually returning staff members safe more than ever. Regular refilling of hand sanitation stations, a sufficient supply of excess PPE, frequent sanitizing of high-touch areas, enhanced ventilation, and so on are all procedures that must be controlled.

The following questions emerge for businesses with multiple locations:

How can you make sure that the new procedures are followed consistently in all storefronts, warehouses, offices, and other locations?

How do you maintain track of all the steps you’ve taken to assure compliance and avoid future liability issues?

How can you cut down on the expenses and time it takes to roll out and track all of these procedures?

You can perform your own Covid-19 audits using particular sanitation and cleaning checklists to ensure safety. By requiring employees to fill out checklists on a regular basis, you can not only train your employees, but also monitor in real time which sites and locations are experiencing problems and take the appropriate actions. Each inspection can be recorded and signed off with a date and timestamp, geo-location, and electronic signatures from the employee, maintaining accountability. The application is really simple and convenient to use, so there will be no additional training required.

Digitised Staff Health Screening 

Similarly, the Audit Flo application can also be used to ensure that your employees’ health is checked on a daily basis. You can utilise  our digital tool to perform screenings, sign waivers, and review standards without burdening their staff with excessive paperwork.

We’ve also developed staff health screening checklist templates that you may customise to meet your specific needs:

Collect standardised data on staff and visitors to the site in a way that may be immediately traced with ease afterwards if necessary.

Remind yourself of the guidelines: what to look for and what to do if someone exhibits signs and symptoms. If found so, ask them to isolate by sending them home and check the health of staff members and colleagues that may have come in contact with.

Keep track of events and escalate them as soon as possible.

By sending an updated checklist to everyone’s device, you can change the process at any time.

Audit Flo for Sanitization & Health Screening Audits

At the best of times, implementing new processes, especially across multiple sites, may be a difficult challenge. Businesses are now able to implement Covid-19 safety precautions at the lowest feasible cost in terms of both time and resources thanks to our app- Audit Flo.

To prevent any sort of liability down the road, start using Audit Flo that will help you plan, communicate, and roll-out new processes with ease ensuring safety. You can train your team in no time and maintain everyday compliance.

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