How to get your team to collaborate in Tracking Issues & Risks?

How do you collaborate in order to foster a culture of safety in your business? Working with a scattered workforce may be a difficult task. Maybe you have to re-version or validate some checks, or your audits aren’t shared with everyone who needs to view them.

Furthermore, maybe your workers are becoming too engaged in particular safety processes, and you want to come up with some way to guarantee that only certain members of staff are alerted at various points of the process.

In the event of any of these major obstacles, problems may take longer to be resolved or planned activities may be overlooked, resulting in inaccurate data that cannot be agreed upon or prolonged inspection sessions to dig down into the issues. Is it possible to find a solution to these issues? In our opinion, yes.

Teamwork is the key to success

Collaboration allows us to move more quickly. It has a significant influence on productivity when people work together to implement remedial measures. AuditFlo has been found to reduce the amount of time it takes for teams to conduct inspections, allowing them to go back to work and focus on other elements of their operations.

AuditFlo, a digital operations management platform, makes it possible for team members to interact and exchange data in real-time so that only those who need it can view it. Using the function to create document workflows, an organisation may do the following:

  • Communication

A real-time digital document allows for quick communication updates without version control, less paperwork and digital files to go through, and a more open line of communication for everybody.

In order to achieve a shared objective, you may share process templates with other team members. Consider restarting a shop following a COVID-19-related shutdown. The process enables you to change any action items on the go using your mobile device. With a dispersed workforce, you may work at a faster speed while adhering to all re-opening rules.

  • Monitoring

It is considerably easier to control possible hazards when recurrent inspections are assigned in AuditFlow rather than utilising pen and paper or antiquated digital methods.

Every inspection may be monitored overtime to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Having the ability to monitor the evaluations throughout time will ensure that nothing is overlooked. The establishment of recurrent inspections will guarantee that a facility’s equipment is inspected on a regular basis.  Employees and consumers alike benefit from this feeling of safety.

  • Sharing

Having the ability to customise reports implies that you can disclose sensitive information to just those who have the authority to do so. As a collaborative effort, this may be quite beneficial.

With a digitally produced report, you can customise the content based on who needs to know what and when, allowing crucial concerns to be disclosed at the press of a button.

Streamline inspections using real-time data capturing

The responsibility for personal safety rests with each and every individual. Teamwork allows us to improve the robustness of our procedures, the accuracy of our data, and the speed with which we can complete our inspections and tests.

The use of a common real-time workflow by all team members allows for more efficient data collecting and action sharing, which helps operations run more smoothly. 

Using the mobile and online apps, you’ll be able to see exactly when the problem started and what steps your teammates have taken to fix it. This eliminates the need to spend time putting data into the hands of those who need to sign off on something or attempting to figure out why a problem has gone unnoticed for a long period of time.

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