Ways to boost your Business Standards using Audit Flo

The Audit Flo app is much more than just a tool for auditors or a digital checklist. Businesses in a variety of industries utilize our application in a variety of ways, substantially boosting their operations in a short period of time. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the ways Audit Flo can be used.

Self-Auditing for everyday activities or occasional promotions

Onsite self-inspections for day-to-day operations is another way many of our customers use the Audit Flo App. It’s an excellent technique to guarantee that employees follow step-by-step guidelines or SOPs i.e. Standard Operating Procedures. This can include things like:

  • Procedures for opening and closing a store
  • Customer service activities such as promotions or complaints
  • Cash management tasks
  • Supply & stock management
  • Safe way to complete a risky activity

and a lot more!

Many businesses and hospitality firms rely on their ability to quickly implement new practises or promotions. When the procedure is new to everyone, how can you ensure that every employee knows what to do and every supervisor knows what to look out for?

This can be accomplished by making upgraded checklists accessible on the Audit Flo inspection app for mobile devices. The checklist can include instructions with help text and illustrations via pictures and videos, and it guarantees that all of the procedures are completed and signed off, which improves accountability.

It can also be utilized to roll out special promotional activities or even Covid-19 safety rules and more.

Keeping Track of Operations across Multiple Sites & Regions

It might be difficult for head office staff to keep up with what is going on in the field. Especially when you’re in charge of dozens, if not hundreds, of locations scattered over multiple geographies.

Supervisors/ Managers or dedicated auditors are frequently responsible for examining and analysing business standards at various locations (whether they are retail, restaurants, hotels, manufacturing plants, etc.).

Collecting data on a mobile inspection app rather than spreadsheets, attachments, forms, or emails saves a lot of time in this case:

  • Data can be collected in a uniform & consistent3 format.
  • You can directly attach photos from your phone
  • All data/ information is centralised in one place that can help you make & share instant reports
  • There is no need to create and email 
  •  Interactive dashboards allow you to see and evaluate data in real time.

Finally, you spend less time on administration and more time on your main business. You can increase the frequency of audits, take prompt corrective action, and raise standards more effectively.

Quality Control of Services, Manufacturing & Production

Consistent quality is critical in any service industry. How can you ensure that employees working in multiple shifts or locations give consistently high-quality service?

Whether you run Hotels and resorts, real estate management services, transportation and logistics firms, healthcare & medicine services, housekeeping service businesses, construction service providers, and telecommunications services, your go to app for checklists should be Audit Flo for ensuring consistent audits without any sort of compromise.

Safety Regulation & Risk Management

All businesses must comply with legal regulations regarding employee health and safety, food hygiene, and other standards. But how can you assure transparency and have a record of due diligence at all times?

Periodic fire safety inspections, risk assessments, field-level danger assessments, compliance to safety procedures or SOPs, proper PPE use, and personnel safety training can all be validated using particular checklists. Instead of using paper forms, the mobile auditing app provides for e-signature, time and geo-location stamps, and faster and more frequent audits, ensuring compliance and boosting safety without introducing additional complexity.

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