7 Common Mistakes Businesses & Companies Make While Managing Safety Protocols

Maintaining safety protocols is a difficult task in and of itself. With COVID-19 thrown into the mix, a lot of health and safety jobs have just gotten a lot more difficult. How can businesses avoid falling into compliance traps? Here’s what you shouldn’t do…

1. Taking it offline

Stay away from the dreadful file cabinet! It’s becoming much more difficult to stay compliant if your staff uses pen and paper to discover and fix issues. Since COVID-19, we’ve all had to ensure that safety checks are clean and hygienic, particularly in large footfall sectors like retail.

There’s no better method than using live, real-time cloud data to accomplish this. There’s no need to worry about losing a file or increasing your risk of transmitting any sort of infections by handling paper because all audit data is saved in the cloud. You’ll also be able to handle the data of various distant teams, which is a must while working remotely.

2. Juggling with softwares

Is the complexity of your audits and safety inspections getting to you? If you use a variety of systems and apps to put together audits, there’s a good chance you’ll commit blunders or critical info will slip through the cracks.

What can be done about it? Deploy a single digital operations management system which you can use from anywhere, allowing you to combine data sources to analyze issue areas, evaluate risks rapidly, and boost accountability. Suddenly, your mobile phone becomes your most valuable safety tool.

3. Failing to assign responsibility & accountability

Is there a clear line of responsibility in your team for situations that represent a risk? When an organization fails to allocate clear and specific actions, time is wasted attempting to determine who would be the best person to fix the problem or come up with a solution.

When you use technology with capabilities like corrective actions, you can swiftly assign accountability for completing tasks to a team member. Everything happens at a lightning speed.

4. Communication lines are overburdened

Quick! Inform the staff! It’s critical to keep your safety team informed about any areas of concern when they’re on the ground. Perhaps you’re currently using email, WhatsApp and Slack to collect data for your audit database.

When communicating via a number of means, unfortunately, key issues can be overlooked. You’ll know that every bit of information is recorded and tracked if you use a real-time, live chat log. Any company dealing with the pandemic must improve communication methods.

5. Solo flight

It’s difficult to keep track of all the multiple systems we use these days! This means that if your auditing software is independent, getting the data into other sections of the organization can be difficult.

You’ll be able to see a clearer picture of operational and strategic challenges if you integrate safety data with your daily business operations, which is critical if you’re a worldwide company. Google Docs and Google Sheets are integrated with Audit Flo, making it easy to do safety on the go.

6. History records that are incomplete or imprecise

How do you tell if this is an issue that has been going on for a long time? If you have reams of paper dating back twenty years, you probably don’t.

You can quickly conduct a history search using a digital solution. This means you’ve been aware for the past nine months that a leaky spot in the washroom has been a concern. You can then conduct a more thorough inquiry, giving your firm a greater sense of safety and security.

7. Data Dumps in the name of  Reports

Yes, data collection is critical. However, too much of it can make your mind spin. Conducting safety inspections on a large premise draws on a lot of data, especially with the new sanitary inspections.

With all of that information, you’ll almost certainly want to know particular things at specific moments. Creating customized reports, which allow you to easily notice trends over time and take remedial action, is a preferable solution. At the stroke of a button, these reports may be filtered and given to only the people who need to know.

With Audit Flo, you can anticipate problems and empower your staff to make safety a top priority for everyone.

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