Is your business being harmed by paper-based field data?

The cornerstone of any business operation’s success is a well-researched business strategy. This study is fully based on data acquired in the field from the targeted customer base of the company’s service. A long and arduous procedure like this used to require a lot of investment in terms of staffing, logistics, and time when it was done on paper. Thankfully, this has changed with the evolution of digital technology and the introduction of mobile data collection apps like Audit Flo.

Technology is a constantly evolving and expanding domain that affects all aspects of our life. Technology advances at a breakneck pace in all facets of our lives, from medicine to education, from household to space exploration. As a result, it’s only natural for something as vital as business to change along with it. Information must be gathered from individuals in households and businesses in order to build data-driven business plans. However, there are numerous drawbacks to collecting data on paper. Even if these constraints are overcome, you must convert your forms to digital format. Data must be manually entered into a computer system once it has been collected. However, there may be a few blunders in between these crucial phases, and data entering cannot be fully error-free. Let’s look at how field data recorded on paper could be harming your business.

The Long and Winding Road of Paper Forms

The first and most pressing issue with paper-based data collection is the long and arduous transportation and logistical process that it entails. The paper will have to be transported in some way, which will be significantly slower than any digital format. Forms must be printed, then given to field employees, who must then travel with them, before the data reaches the end user.

When you transition from using paper forms to a digital app, you can save a lot of time and effort. It can be distributed swiftly and efficiently over the internet to workers’ portable devices, where they can fill up the data and submit it back in real time.

Exposure to  Elements

This journey is not only long & lengthy, but it also exposes the priceless data forms to the elements. Rain, fire, road accidents, theft, and misuse are just a few of the dangers that can occur. These hazards are completely eliminated when these forms are sent online. Digitization gives you the speed you need in today’s competitive world because it is quick and certain to get you to your intended goal.

Inaccuracy is a problem.

With so many phases in the process, it’s only logical that the number of human errors and omissions rises dramatically. The data must first be manually obtained. There may be a few errors in this process. Following that, while converting your forms, the data entering itself necessitates a great deal of determination and care. However, there is no way to guarantee that it is error-free at all times. Because the data entered in the first phase is entered into a computer system, digital forms ensure that there is little to no discrepancy between these two procedures.

Control Issues

Without the field employees, the office team is practically impotent. They have no control or supervision over the field crew, and the true business process cannot begin until you convert your forms and make them usable for analysis and subsequent application. There is no need to wait while using digital forms. In a flash, data is collected, transported, and ready for analysis. In addition, the leadership team can monitor how the field crew is performing. Audit Flo is a platform that lets the project team gather data with timestamps and GPS location of the staff, allowing the team to assess how the staff performed in terms of efficiency.

 Limitations when it comes to Versatility

Digital apps are not only faster, safer, and less prone to errors and incompatibilities than paper, but they are also vastly more adaptable. There are a number of capabilities, including PDF to mobile app conversion, the ability to record photographs, GPS locations, maps, signatures, and so on. In terms of paper, adding these details with such ease is nearly impossible, and even if you are able to collect all of these additional details on hard paper, such as printed maps and images, etc., converting your forms to digital format would cost considerably more. All of this is made simple using mobile apps.

You’ll Fall Behind In the Business Race

Finally, all firms across the world moving forward with time while keeping to old, antiquated work techniques will limit your operations and possibilities. The cost-effectiveness of the system is the most underappreciated benefit. Investing in digital media may be more expensive at first, but it will pay off in the long term significantly more than continuing with outmoded technology.

Make the switch to digital today and watch your business soar!

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