Digital Checklist for Elevator Maintenance

Your building’s elevators should continue to provide safe, dependable service to your tenants as long as they are kept in good operating order. However, not all property owners prioritise elevator repair and inspections as much as they should. As a result, one of the primary causes of accidents with this equipment is a lack of basic care. Regular inspections are required to help assure the highest levels of elevator safety.

The secret to a good inspection is to have a strategy and stick to it every time. As a result, an elevator maintenance checklist can be a very useful tool for anyone in charge of lift maintenance. Without it, crews risk missing any of the little but critical items for which they should be looking when performing such inspections.

The emergency stop button, for example, is an important but minor component within the car. If this is not checked as part of routine lift maintenance, it might have severe consequences for anybody riding. Another critical step is to ensure that the pit area is clear of obstructions, especially since elevator installation and repairers have the highest accident risk in the construction business.

Inside the Automobile

Check that the doors may open and close freely and without being obstructed.

Examine the ceiling, handrails, and walls for evidence of damage.

Fix any burned-out lights, including those in the control panel.

Confirm that the emergency phone immediately connects to the local fire department.

Outside the Automobile

Replace any burned-out lights on each floor.

Examine the door panels and the clearances.

Inspect the smoke detector and the fire alarm system.

In the Engine Room

Examine the smoke detector and the fire alarm system.

Check the oil levels and make sure all systems are greased appropriately.

Examine electrical wires for fraying or flaws.

Ensure that there is enough headroom for technicians.

Remove anything that obstructs access to the equipment.

On the Car’s Roof

Make certain that the emergency exit hatch is conveniently accessible.

Check the brakes and the system to ensure they are in good working order.

Examine the cables for signs of wear.

Along the hoist path, look for evidence of rats or damage.

Within the Pit

Ascertain that the region has proper access.

Test the pit to ensure it has adequate clearance.

Inspect the car’s frame for evidence of damage.

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