Safety Digital Checklists: Must Include Fields and Features

The most crucial part of any job is keeping the team safe on the work site. Job safety may quickly become complicated for teams dealing with heavy gear, hazardous materials, and extreme heights – especially when handling a large number of teams and documentation. Using mobile versions of your existing safety forms (such as digital Job Safety Analysis forms), teams may generate, complete, and route essential compliance papers in real time, speeding up safety communication and enhancing job site transparency.

When it comes to simplifying compliance and strengthening job site safety documentation, digital safety checklist is an extremely beneficial tool. With the support of dynamic digital tools, these checklists (done before, during, and after work) keep teams proactive, alert, and transparent during a job. Here are the fields and features your team should include in their mobile safety forms to boost your safety checklists:

Signatures Required

Using digital Signature boxes, ensure that digital safety checklists are appropriately authorized. You can even make your Signature field Required, so that your safety form must be signed before submission (no more sprinting back to the work site for autographs!).

Images with Annotations

With Image fields, you may easily capture and label job site dangers (such as discarded items left in an unsafe area, inadequate wiring, and so on). Simply capture and submit your job site image using your mobile device, and annotate the image to emphasize crucial facts.

Groups of Checkboxes

Add Checkbox Groups to your mobile forms to make it easier to document specific compliance duties, such as testing the brakes on gear/equipment or noting that all team members are wearing a harness.

The date field

Job site teams can simply enter the date digital safety checklists were completed using the Date field. Date fields can also be set mandatory.

Geo-location Stamp (GPS)

With a single tap, your team can quickly enter the precise location of job sites and safety action! Maps and coordinates from the user’s device can be instantly entered.

Form sharing that is automated

Using an Automated Workflow, you may rapidly route completed job site digital safety checklists to back-office staff for a quick review and processing. With a tap or two you can share the report & analytics of the safety audit conducted to the concerned team.

Implement these 5 features to your Safety Digital Checklists using AuditFlo and strengthen your company’s safety compliance.

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