What Role Do Mobile Forms Play in Construction Safety?

The construction industry plays an enormous role and is regarded as the foundation of any country’s economy.

According to a Statista report, the construction industry employs around 10.3 million people in the United States alone, so imagine the total number of construction employees around the world.

At least one out of every five workers is at risk of lifelong harm or possibly death as a result of incidents caused by poor or non-existent inspection by inspection officers.

But, with such a small number of officers, what can they possibly do? According to a survey, there are only 140 inspection officers for every 1000 worksites to be covered per month, which equates to about 72 worksites per inspection officer, which is a little too much to ask for.

Any construction site accident is usually accompanied by financial loss; it will never be equal to or comparable to the loss of a worker’s life, but it is considerable. Accidents can sometimes cost businesses more than they make.

A recordable occurrence should cost at least $ 7,000, while a fatality should cost around $ 9,00,000.

Accidents and fatalities are also on the rise, with an annual increase of around 5%.

This number is not only frightening, but it also raises doubts about the data’s legitimacy and the data collection procedure used by the field inspectors. All other main industries, such as transportation and warehousing, agriculture, and mining, have high fatality rates, but they are rapidly declining.

This is primarily due to their adaptation to more efficient examination methods i.e. Digital Checklists and Auditing Tools like Audit Flo.

So, how might a small change to mobile forms increase construction safety? Today’s construction projects are bigger, bolder, and more sophisticated than ever before, posing a greater danger of safety concerns. The major types of forms utilised in these businesses for data collecting, which is a haphazard process, are papers and spreadsheets.

So the problem, which should have been checked and rectified much sooner, was simply postponed since the communication was not delivered properly or was delivered late.

These strategies are ineffective and cause construction sites to become less technologically advanced, leaving little potential for strategic advances.

Paper forms significantly slow down the process, and this trend can be seen not only in the construction business, but in every company that relies primarily on data collection.

Mobile forms  are this generation’s best data collecting tool, and they’re designed to stay that way for a long time.

To fill in data, at least 100 pages are necessary, which can be kept in just around 5MB or less using a mobile device.

Every year, 6.5 terabytes of data are stored as a result of significant construction projects. Consider the quantity of paperwork required to keep such a large amount of data; it’s unthinkable.

The combination of mobile technology and data analytics has proven to be game-changing. Audit Flo Mobile forms have capabilities that allow inspectors to create checklists that allow them to examine the equipment and types of machinery for appropriate operation, allowing them to avoid future disasters that could result in on-field worker fatalities and a large lawsuit for the firm owners.

Mobile forms prevent errors and rework, which is important because more than 65 percent of construction professionals claim errors and reworks are the main reason they run over budget.

Predictive analysis based on data received via forms on smart devices can help reduce liability and litigation. While monitoring the obtained data from a distance, mobile data collecting app forms allowed for increased productivity and reduced delays.

This is how mobile data collection forms not only serve to increase security but also to increase productivity, a two-for-one deal that we can’t pass up.

Try Audit Flo today, the world’s most powerful and simple mobile form app builder, for free now. It will let you customize your mobile app form in minutes.

Invest a small sum today to ensure a secure future for your company and its employees.

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