3 Digital Checklists to Streamline your Manufacturing Processes 

Manufacturing is no easy feat.  As anyone in the industry will tell you, meeting all of your production standards may be difficult for everyone involved.

As a result, it goes without saying that a little assistance in attaining those objectives can go a long way. To that end, we’ll go through three digital tools to help you with manufacturing inspections and improve production quality.

Manufacturing Inspection Pitfalls

To be efficient, your production processes must run like a well-oiled machine (literally). But doing so necessitates a never-ending series of inspections, check-ups, and evaluations. This is not only time-consuming, but for the many businesses that still utilise pen and paper, it may be a true administrative nightmare.

The cost of paper is one thing. Consider how much time and effort it takes you or your workers to complete the never-ending stream of paperwork, archive it, and then locate it if the need arises. It’s enough to turn your head!

Fortunately, there are better options available.

Digital Can Help You Get Out of Paperwork

As the internet’s millennials put it, “modern issues necessitate new answers.” After all, what doesn’t have an app these days? That is, with a digital manufacturing inspection app, you can suddenly dig yourself out of all the paperwork. What are the advantages to becoming digital?

Consider the following examples:

Streamlined Inspections: Apps and digital work-order checklists make inspections easier by providing inspectors with a clear step-by-step procedure to follow.

Increased Efficiency: Inspections are more efficient, writing time is reduced, and the app’s integration with your CRM enables for more checks to be completed more quickly.

Boosted Productivity: A more efficient inspection procedure allows for faster troubleshooting and allows machines to function for longer periods of time.

These are just a few of the advantages digital tools can provide for your manufacturing. But let’s stop being general and look at some specific apps and checklists you can use.

1) Work Orders  Digital Checklists

Work orders are essential for keeping your manufacturing operations structured and effective. After all, you can’t let employees loose without knowing who did what and why.

A digital work order checklist gets right to the point: it’s simple to complete, evaluate, and verify. It also immediately interfaces with your in-house CRM, allowing you to explore all inspections and maintenance performed on a piece of equipment without having to wade through waves of paper.

2) Product Digital Checklists

Your first focus, like everyone else in manufacturing, is the ultimate product’s quality. Even the smallest flaw can result in a loss of revenue, therefore identifying and preventing production errors is critical. This is where product checklists come in.

As with  AuditFlo’s digital checklists, they are totally modular in design, allowing you to tailor them to the specifics of your products. They’re simple to complete and easy to navigate, allowing you to swiftly identify problems and investigate their root causes during the manufacturing process.

3) Noncompliance Reports

Non-conformance reports, which could be viewed as an extension of product checklists, address manufacturing problems and quality system breaches head on, rather than simply acknowledging them.

The benefits of using non-conformance reports are numerous, but some of the most essential include their emphasis on preventive, faster compliance, lower quality costs, and, eventually, a reduction in regulatory and product risk.

Concerning Our Digital Solutions

AuditFlo takes pride in offering you the digital, paperless solutions you want and desire to improve your administrative procedures. We believe that the three tools discussed in this blog will suit all of your manufacturing requirements. 

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