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The uncertainty of many external circumstances is a sore issue for most managers when picking organisational and management solutions for your fleet. Truck, transportation, vehicle rental, and taxi fleet managers are always pivoting and problem solving on the fly.

Whether it’s about safety, rules, a pandemic, or even seasonal weather, the need for a well-oiled fleet inspection system is obvious. In a field that is frequently volatile and dangerous, everything that can be handled should be controlled well and with the best tools available.

A fleet manager’s job typically consists of six tasks:

Driver safety
Retention of drivers and employees
Vehicle tracking
Compliance with Electronic Logging Devices
Compliance with Electronic Logging Devices
Vehicle Acquisition 

A well-designed software solution will be easily equipped to handle all of these activities, as well as help prevent and anticipate any future needs.

Preventative maintenance is essential.
As with most excellent habits, prevention is better than cure. It is less time consuming and less expensive than damage control. A connected and easily shareable inspection checklist can enhance vehicle availability while saving thousands of staff inspection hours, safety procedure difficulties, and maintenance upkeep expenditures.

Controlling the life cycle of your fleet is made paperless, secure, private, and efficient with AuditFlo , as you choose from a variety of choices designed specifically to detect safety regulation issues and faults. Your technicians, safety officers, and staff will be able to alert you of any concerns, point out faults and possible problems, and access reports, updated information, visuals, and more at the press of a button on any smartphone or tablet available.

Scheduled maintenance, repairs, and inspections are easier to control, plan, and schedule, reducing the cost and time required to accomplish a job, particularly when working with a large fleet of vehicles.

Maintain a record of your maintenance checklists.
There are two types of fleet maintenance: preventive and reactive. We’ve addressed why businesses should prioritise prevention, but the reality is that reactive services and maintenance are just as likely in a field with many unknowns and unanticipated hurdles. No one can prepare for everything, but it is possible to have a reactive plan in place so that you can deal with difficulties more quickly and effectively.

A task list of safety items and preventative maintenance should be included in an effective PM programme. The AuditFlo  software is intended for inspections and planning. For time-sensitive concerns, keeping track of inspections so they can be accessible immediately from any place is quite essential. Tracking maintenance checklists requires quick, secure access as well as accuracy.

Because maintenance and repair costs are considered variable operating expenses, fleet managers must keep track of parts, personnel, suppliers, fuel supply, and even collisions. These expenditures must be frequently monitored and studied in order to understand which vehicles are the most expensive, require maintenance, or are better suited to particular duties. Such data assists with future spending, planning, and cost-cutting measures.

Maintenance checklists enable a company to respond reactively, proactively, and spot patterns and concerns before they develop, allowing for improved planning, document sharing among inspectors, and up-to-date paperwork that avoids additional government fines.

Predicting Future Failures
Any fleet manager must have real-time visibility into the operation, efficiency, and safety of their fleet. Patterns of challenges, triumphs, and requirements will begin to develop, as with any well-documented accumulated data. These are invaluable in assisting maintenance and managers in anticipating any problems that the fleet may or may not have, and will be used to plan trails, arrange fleets, and repair and purchase new vehicles and hardware. Manual methods, in particular, are slow, difficult to aggregate and distribute between departments and with inspectors, and consume more labour and employee hours than necessary.

A safety net is analysing the findings of inspections that are simply uploaded and saved in a system designed to make inspections and reporting simple. In an industry where vehicles frequently fail inspections or have unanticipated faults, any information that can be acquired and applied to future troubleshooting is valuable. It is easier to estimate which vehicles will require more frequent maintenance, which places are more destructive or confront harsher weather, which geolocations may be more prone to vehicle damage, and even which product may necessitate a post-delivery vehicle checkup.

AuditFlo assists your Fleet keep  Rolling
 AuditFlo technology permits many of these minor issues to stay minor hiccups in an ever-changing and moving ecology. The software can assist in ensuring that maintenance is accomplished and connecting the information that drivers are sharing in real-time. The software can be used to update any new laws or regulations, as well as to assist inspectors in predicting problems before they occur.

AuditFlo simplifies reporting and data storage, and information stored can become a source of information and assistance for your fleet, resulting in a safer working environment. Efficiency is money, and the AuditFlo  system is designed to maximise the efficiency and organisation of your fleet first and foremost.

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