Best Ways to Improve Your Construction Compliance 

Regulatory compliance is a massive  challenge for the construction industry: there is no choice but to comply because the law requires it. For noncompliance, the construction industry faces harsh penalties, including increasing fines. OSHA’s authorised budget for 2016 authorises it to increase the maximum fine limit by 80%.

Construction organisations must take steps to manage their regulatory duties, and investing in solutions to increase compliance is worthwhile. Compliance frequently leads to increased efficiency, improved health and safety records, cost savings, and a positive reputation for your company.

Technology can help in overcoming construction compliance difficulties. A mobile device with robust inspection software installed can help improve construction compliance significantly. When compliance is a crucial element of any company, inspection software with features like asset monitoring, site specific reporting, safety, and document management are useful tools.

Here are six ways that mobile inspection software can assist with construction compliance:

Site-specific Visibility and Reporting
Inspections and reports can be synched back to headquarters with the press of a button using a mobile device. An inspection programme with reporting features, such as Punch List Reports, will provide managers with real-time visibility of any site at any time, allowing them to respond to hazards and take remedial action as soon as possible.

Furthermore, preparing reports digitally minimises administration costs as well as costly, ill-informed judgments caused by poor data quality. Because digital inspections allow for faster inspection turnaround, major flaws can be corrected and re-inspected in a shorter timeframe, ensuring safety with less downtime. A preventative maintenance programme can be constructed using the data and reporting features of inspection software.

Field Operations
Paper-based inspections are plagued by errors caused by incomplete replies and bad penmanship. Furthermore, paper inspection forms are frequently compiled over time, becoming disconnected and lacking a logical sequence in which an inspection should proceed. Inspectors can follow a sequence and ensure all answers are complete with the use of mobile inspection software. Incomplete responses are noted, and the inspection cannot be filed until all questions have been answered entirely. Most mobile inspection systems offer picture, RFID, and barcode capture, allowing for greater depth and accuracy than pen and paper examinations.

Digital Safety Management
Standards are pre-defined with mobile inspection software, and as questions are answered, they are directly measured against them. This enables the inspector to quickly find non-compliance issues. Furthermore, mobile inspection apps can calculate the weighting, thresholds, and criticality of each item inspected, enabling for prompt creation of actionable reports if a major flaw is identified.

Using a Mobile Device to Replace Paper Forms
Compliance entails increasing productivity by avoiding the types of accidents and illnesses that result in work stoppages and expensive workers’ compensation claims. It might be difficult to ensure that all safety demands are satisfied by worker teams on a large project. With a mobile inspection equipment, inspection forms can be updated quickly. If a particular inspection is required, or if more inspection points are required for an asset, you can transmit updated forms directly to the smart phone or tablet.

Digital Document Management
Communicate compliance requirements to inspectors and throughout your business – With improved access to standards throughout your organisation, you may more readily identify areas for improvement and ensure that your overall safety goals are reached.

Critical EHS information and tools can be attached immediately inside inspections using inspection software that includes document management. Instructions for addressing queries of any kind can also be included.

Asset Monitoring
Asset tracking is simplified using an inspection software system. Inspection and maintenance histories, thorough checklists, and look-back analysis will be available within the system, facilitating safety, corrective measures, and process improvements that can prevent costly accidents or recurrences.

Inspections are done faster and more accurately using inspection software solutions, reducing the probability of fines from outside inspection authorities for noncompliance.

Safety Management Software can help you solve construction compliance difficulties and put you ahead of your competitors that employ a paper-based inspection process. A mobile inspection and safety audit solution will result in increased productivity, better health and safety records, cost savings, and a positive reputation for your company. 

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