10 Tips to Boost Service Quality at Your Hotel

A hotel that is truly committed to developing an A1- service culture would go to great lengths to create service standards that prioritize outstanding service for every customer. 

Consistency is one of the most important differentiators between average service and truly outstanding service. If a hotel manager wants to succeed, he or she must have faith that the hotel’s employees can handle any emergency that may arise. No matter the time of day, the weather, or who is or isn’t at work, whether it’s the weekend or the middle of the week, in the morning, afternoon, or evening, etc.

In a business where service is king, hoteliers understand the importance of providing a positive guest experience. Less well-known are the new social and professional realities, as well as novel technologies, that can help hotels provide an outstanding guest experience in an increasingly competitive industry.

We’ve highlighted ten tips that can help you improve service quality at your hotel and ensure you always give outstanding service to your hotel guests:

#1- Prioritise Training Daily

Make employee training a priority in your budget and invest time and money in it. This is critical since, in the long run, it will reduce errors and enhance cost savings. Correct training will also be evident in your successful hotel and staff!

Training is more than just attending one-time seminars or following learning processes. It’s a never-ending process. Every day brings new opportunities for training, and management should seize them to reward or coach their team.

This may appear impossible in an industry where most employees already work beyond appropriate hours. Hotel technologies like AuditFlo that help provide high-quality training without requiring a significant time commitment can be your go-to solution.

#2- Show No Favoritism. Treat all guests like VIPs

We can’t all be renowned personalities, wealthy business professionals or somebody from royalty, but treating every guest like a VIP ensures a memorable pleasant experience they’ll want to repeat. 

Train your employees to be attentive, & responsive and to have a sense of urgency for everyone, regardless of their “position.” Your guests will thank you with their patronage, loyalty, and – even better – referrals in return.

 An added benefit is that when guests are feeling amazing and special, secondary factors that may emerge become far less important (e.g., a small room, mediocre location, etc.).

#3- Positive Employee Onboarding and Everyday Experience

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, annual turnover in the hotel business ranges between 70 and 80%. This frequent churn is extremely disruptive, resulting in lost productivity, bad morale, and poor customer service, not to mention a negative impact on the bottom line. Leading hotels are revamping their onboarding strategy to address this problem.

According to the Center for Creative Leadership’s onboarding surveys, new workers who participated in a well-structured onboarding programme were 69% more likely to stay at a company for up to three years. 

Previously, new-employee orientation programmes were one-day affairs; however, today, a strong onboarding strategy extends beyond the first day/week/month to include an ongoing approach that will accompany the employee throughout their employment lifetime and support them in achieving better job performance.

#4- Take care of the Building’s Infrastructure 

To provide high-quality service, it’s also important to properly maintain the property’s physical facilities. A preventative maintenance programme’s value and a competent crew cannot be overstated.

 All guests want to get value for their money regardless of their age or social standing. This is undeniably a proactive method for avoiding guest refunds.

#5- Deliver Personalised Services to your Customers

To be consistent does not entail providing identical service to every customer. Providing exceptional service means tailoring your approach to each customer and making them feel like they are the only person in the world at that very moment.

A great plus is having a front desk clerk that knows your name, greets you by name, is happy to assist, remembers your preferences, and is knowledgeable about the area.

#6- Invest in Hotel Management Technology

Hotel Management Technology like AuditFlo allows the firm to be scalable.  Technology will never be able to replace a human’s touch, but it may certainly make the operation more efficient when the staff is downsized.

It also reduces the likelihood of human negligence, ensuring the prevention of errors at the best possible level and resulting in guaranteed customer satisfaction.

#7- Good Team Culture

There is no denying that good employee experience results in exceptional customer experience. As a hotelier, your prime responsibility is to ensure your staff is happy and safe.

Polite treatment goes a long way. When employees feel at home, they will also take the onus of ensuring every customer gets A-quality service.

#8- Assess your Customer Service Performance

Make an effort to establish how quickly you can respond to your guests’ requests and concerns. With Performance Support systems in place, hotel managers can be confident that their personnel has access to the information they require.  

For instance, Front desk agents that employ performance support may deliver the best answer quickly.

#9- Connect your Employees’ Actions to the Overall Hotel Performance

Infusing purpose in your staff by demonstrating that what they do every day at work has a significant impact, such as on the visitor experience and the hotel’s revenues 

By relating individual behaviour to a bigger system, you will instil in your employees the importance of providing good quality service every day.

#10- Don’t be scared to experiment, learn, adapt, and evolve

It might seem daunting, but businesses must adapt quickly to new market developments. You can stay ahead of the curve by staying up to date on everything from technology to global events.

It’s all about evolving with time to ensure you do everything to ensure a customer leaves your hotel satisfied and looks forward to visiting soon!

Parting Thoughts

Strong service quality improves customer satisfaction, resulting in a higher revenue stream or less financial losses and a happier environment for your staff and guests. Hospitality aims to make guests feel at ease while they are away from home. AuditFlo can be that critical tool that ensures your guests have a positive, well-rounded stay.

Schedule a demo today to discover more about how AuditFlo can help you to improve the quality of service at your hotel!

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